to the wonderful vegetarian kitchen of Bleib V. Everything here revolves around your wishes. Whether sweet or savory, large or small, in Bleib V we have for everyone in any time the right thing.

This is Bleib V


 Since 2004, in the center of West Berlin, not far away from the city's prestigious shopping street, we have been offering our customers stylish vegetarian delicacies with our kitchen.

The Bleib V restaurant combines traditional vegetarian cuisine with the Middle East through flavors, ingredients and techniques from around the world, and especially from the Mediterranean environment.

Our taste compositions, which are put together in a subtle way on the plate, harmonize with selected variations of drinks in a loving and warm ambience. Here people eat, drink and meet with heart.

Similar to the menu, the drinks menu offers an excellent selection of European and oriental classics. A first-class wine selection from Europe and the Middle East as well as local spirits complement the drinks menu.